Rachael Bull

Certified Health & Wellness Coach


Rachael's eclectic career has taken her from a senior communications adviser role in Whitehall to storytelling consultancy across continents and to wellbeing and resilience coaching and mentoring across sectors. Practical, down-to-earth support that gets results.

Rachael works with ambitious leaders and teams who know they have more to bring to the table, if only they felt better. Whether they're trying to treat chronic disease, are edging closer towards burnout or simply want to bring their best to all areas of their life, they're ready to make some changes.‚Äč

Chances are, they already know some of the changes they need to make... but the tricky part is behaviour change - creating new healthy habits and ditching the old less positive ones.


Which is where Rachael comes in. Through no-nonsense, pragmatic coaching, mentoring and training, she helps them create a personalised plan of tweaks and changes that work for them. No radical overhauls, horrifically restrictive diets or absurd gym programmes - unless they want to, of course. Simple, effective and seemingly small steps that lead to a monumental difference.


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