Health & Wellbeing Part 2: Nutrition

Uncategorized Nov 24, 2021

This is part 2 of our series: Health & Wellbeing

Key health and wellbeing components of resilience are:

  • Movement 
  • Nutrition
  • Sleep

At the end of this series, there is a health and wellbeing journal. For 5 days use it to log your movement, nutrition and sleep. Notice how you feel each day and take notes. See how you feel after 5 days – has there been an improvement in your mental and physical energy?



Most of us know what foods are healthy and what is not. Why do we crave the things that are bad for us?

Stress puts a huge amount of pressure on the mind and body. When we’re under pressure it stands to reason that we go for the sugary treat and the boost of caffeine. Anything to get us through another Zoom call!

Stress hormones tend to send cravings for unhealthy foods soaring, so by knowing this we can start to manage our stress rather than let it manage us.

Eating a balanced diet will calm stress hormones, increase feel-good hormones and keep your energy levels high. 

Overhauling your diet when you’re already stressed and overwhelmed has the potential to add to your stress rather than reduce it.


Try exchanging one food or drink a day for something healthier.

You could try exchanging:

  • a bag of crisps for a handful of walnuts or almonds
  • a biscuit for a piece of fruit
  • a coffee for a glass of water

Your small efforts will pay off. The healthier the exchanges you make, the more energy you’ll have, the calmer your mind will be, and you’ll also be boosting your immune system. With immunity being essential right now, there’s even more reason to focus on nutrition and make that exchange!


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