What is Resilience?

Uncategorized Nov 02, 2021

Resilience is the ability to adapt in times of stress. It is the idea that you can build your tolerance level to pressure before it turns into stress.

Resilience can be built by living a healthy lifestyle and by using tools and strategies to change how you think, feel and behave in certain situations. Your individual responses to stress can be reduced by working on your resilience.

Resilience is a key skill for everyone to develop in today’s society. The World Economic Forum Future of Jobs Report 2020 puts resilience, stress tolerance and flexibility in the top 10 skills needed by 2025. Living through a pandemic has resulted in many people experiencing high stress. It has impacted their mental health. Knowing how to boost your resilience to better cope with life’s challenges will enable you to restore and reset.

If you’d like to work further on your resilience, our 1:1 and group programmes include a focus on resilience.

We also use our partner BeTalent’s Resilience tool. It consists of a questionnaire and card sort exercise, designed to identify 9 elements of emotional wellbeing and resilience.


  • Examines and explores themes including how individuals think and feel, and the emotions they experience at work
  • Provides detailed insights to raise personal awareness
  • Helps individuals understand and reflect on how they operate under pressure
  • Provides a series of coping mechanisms, to combat the challenging emotions that could stand in the way of future success



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