Beth Hope

Beth is an Executive Coach with a Masters in Psychology and Neuroscience of Mental Health, is mindfulness trained and an MBTI practitioner.

Using all of this she brings evidence-based tools to her coaching to help you flourish. She can support you to grow, develop and create meaningful change through strengthening your constructive mindset and boosting your authentic confidence. She has a deep understanding of human behaviour, motivation and limiting beliefs that she uses to help you unlock barriers and move forward with clear action.

Beth knows the positive impact a constructive mindset has. She helps you go from stuck to unstuck by delving deep into your thinking patterns, limiting beliefs and self-made barriers to realise your full potential. She works with committed individuals wanting to make an impactful change in their life.

Her areas of expertise are:

  • Confidence & resilience

  • Presentation skills

  • Interview practice & preparation

  • Leading a team effectively

  • Motivation, fulfilment & mindfulness

Through her corporate experience, personal experience and academic qualifications, Beth has developed tools and techniques which she brings to help you build fundamental confidence and resilience. She has worked with individuals at all levels of seniority, ranging across sectors and industry helping them through transitions, progressions and building better teams. She has also worked with companies such as a leading retailer, a gaming company, Depop and the University of Oxford.


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