1:1 Executive Coaching

A unique space to reflect, re-energise and reconnect.


1:1 Leadership

Thinking Space

Helping leaders and future c-suite executives to do well and be well

Being a high impact leader that people want to work with and for doesn't have to come at the cost of your health and wellbeing.


One of the biggest leadership challenges is dealing with all the ‘noise’ of corporate life.


The noise can often feel endless, and with so many demands on their time, it’s little wonder why it’s difficult to think straight, feel productive and invest in self-care.

 It provides a unique space to reflect, re-energise and reconnect. You'll have time to think, be creative and find solutions to issues that may be getting in your way - whilst also boosting your health and wellbeing. 

The combination of managing stakeholders, and your team, means you're juggling multiple projects, people and expectations.


You often find yourself stuck in a cycle of conflicting priorities and decision making.


Consistent high pressure, high expectations and high stress can lead to long-term health issues and burnout. It can affect performance, productivity and morale....and that's without the impact it might be having at home...


Coaching is a special relationship.

A relationship where senior leaders can feel seen and heard; and do their best thinking, in a safe and trusted space where they can truly realise their potential.

What is it?


Coaching is a joint endeavour. It is a partnership where you move beyond your current thinking and discover new thinking. It is a catalyst for change and provides ideas and energy to do things differently.


Our coaching experiences are aimed at senior leaders who don’t want a straightforward coaching programme; or someone to just give advice/mentorship - it is for senior leaders who want an immersive experience covering:


Non-directive coaching - based on the premise that ‘the thinker’ (senior leader) has all the answers within them, and the coaches role is to provide the space and challenge to find them


Thought partnership - harnessing the power of joint thinking and collective wisdom, acting as a sounding board and adding to the thinkers skillset with tools, techniques and experience to complement their own thinking


Direct instruction - with the coach teaching evidence-based performance and wellbeing methodologies to support the thinker to take action and gain momentum on agreed goals/new thinking


High impact leadership starts here!


What organisations get:

  • Clear successors for critical roles and c-suite opportunities
  • Retention and care of exceptional talent
  • Speedier transitions into key roles
  • Leaders who are well, thriving in complex times and able to navigate challenging situations
  • New ideas, creative problem solving and improved ways of working
  • Faster and more efficient delivery

What leaders get:

  • Enhanced leadership skills and approaches to increase business impact and transition smoothly into new roles
  • Sustainable habits to better navigate life and leadership challenges and reduce risk of burnout
  • Improved mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing for abundant energy and productivity
  • Improved focus and concentration for improved creativity and decision-making
  • Mindset and inner confidence to overcome obstacles that are getting in the way of success

How it works:


  • An exploratory call to discuss your business needs and strategic leadership objectives
  • A seamless onboarding experience ensuring no time is wasted in gaining momentum
  • A knowledgeable, experienced, trusted and creative coach to partner with your senior leader
  • A unique coaching experience over typically over a 4, 6 or 12 month period to transform the way your leader thinks, feels and behaves
  • A clear offboarding experience that wraps up our work - and leaves you feeling that you want to continue working with us!

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1:1 Executive Coaching

A unique space to reflect, re-energise and reconnect.


Senior Director, Global Pharma

I’ve just finished my coaching sessions with Michelle and I can’t recommend her enough. She helped me grow in confidence and increased my resilience in a challenging role.

We identified clear goals at the start of the sessions which I’m proud to say I achieved with Michelle’s support and guidance. Michelle is a great sounding board and helped me look at challenges from a different perspective which enabled me to break down barriers with some of my stakeholders which has ultimately led to greatly improved professional relationships. Most importantly I always enjoyed my sessions with Michelle and left them with an enthusiastic and optimistic mindset.


Vice President, MedTech


'I can’t recommend Michelle highly enough.'


  • Growth in confidence
  • Increased resilience in challenging role
  • Achieved all goals set
  • Greatly improved professional relationships 
  • Enthusiastic and optimistic mindset 






Senior Director, Global Pharma

The role still has it's pressures however, I now spend less time at work (and less time working at home) partly helped by a renewed focus on my fitness - with nearly a stone lost in 6 months! My overall attitude at work is very much more positive.

Without the coaching sessions I don't think I would be in this much improved position or would have achieved this outcome quite so readily.




Following his coaching, this client secured a promotion.


Head of HR, FinTech

Michelle was extremely motivating and inspiring through this approach, listening and giving advice that was tailored to me “not off the shelf”. I still regularly find I refer back to our sessions together and think “what would Michelle ask me?” and in considering this question, I am able to find solutions and feel confident in my own decisions. 


Michelle enabled a drastic growth in my confidence through her collaborative approach.





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