Michelle Yeoman

Founder and Executive Coach

Founder of Awakened Executives, Michelle is a qualified executive coach and former HR Director.

With 20+ years in HR and the majority in global pharmaceuticals, Michelle has worked where the environment is fierce, the expectations high, the pace of change incredible. She has helped reshape and re-energise organisations, re-engage teams and employees, increase performance and wellbeing; and coached and developed leaders.

She truly believes that senior leaders are 'the forgotten tier' because their development is seldom invested in once they hit a certain level in the organisation. They are trusted to get on with the job, perform and resolve issues; and rarely prioritise time for self improvement. 

Having suffered burnout, Michelle knows that the key to being happy, healthy and high performing is a focus on wellbeing and self awareness first. 

Michelle is well placed to understand and provide solutions to the challenges organisations face in engaging and increasing performance of key executives, critical talent and successors.

A challenging, yet empathetic coach, she focuses on the whole person, enabling key executives to live and work to their potential. She combines all her experience, passion and expertise to inspire people and organisations to thrive.


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