Hi, I'm Michelle, accredited executive coach, breathwork, mindset and cold therapy instructor; and former HR Director.


Having spent my corporate career in global pharmaceuticals, with high expectations and an incredible pace of change - I know it’s hard to thrive whilst navigating leadership!


Having experienced burnout, I believe success shouldn’t come at a cost. You can do well and be well!


Awakened Executives was borne out of my passion for developing happy, healthy, high performing leaders and c-suite executives - who people want to work for and work with. I love the variety that comes from my work - from creating 1:1 thinking space as an executive coach, to hosting an ice bath experience as a Wim Hof Method instructor - there's never a dull moment!



Practising the Wim Hof Method of breathwork, mindset and cold therapy; and Oxygen Advantage functional breathwork have transformed my health, wellbeing, productivity, focus and confidence. 


I believe so much in the power of these methods, so much so that I am now certified to instruct and teach others to experience the benefits. 



Whether it’s through masterclasses, 1:1 coaching programmes, Wim Hof workshops or my Evolve Mastermind, let's make high-impact leaders who people want to work with and for!

I don't work alone, I have a great team of experienced coaches, guest experts and facilitators to bring my mission to life. 

We'd love to help!


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