Achieve Remarkable Success With Less Stress 

Being successful doesn't have to come at the cost of your mental and physical health and wellbeing, relationships or finances.  


You can be successful, without burning out!


I use a blend of strategy, mindset and wellbeing coaching, the Wim Hof Method and 25 years in people development to help you to be happy, healthy AND high performing. 

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and What's Not?

It can be hard to know where to begin to reduce stress and overwhelm. This practical workbook will help you to understand what is and isn’t working in your professional and personal life right now, giving you the clarity you need to make changes and build new habits.

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Whether you're working hard in the corporate world or building and scaling a business, you can achieve things you think are impossible, with a solid strategy, mindset and high energy!


Go from being stretched too thin, saying yes to too many requests, rushing from meeting to meeting or call to call, trying to please everyone and be everything to everyone TO saying yes to more people and things you love, putting your time and energy into the right things, higher income and improved health and wellbeing!


Being a successful corporate or business leader is a combination of strategy, mindset and skillset.


Work with me to:


  • Create your vision, strategy and action plan to realise your dream life and career
  • Prioritise mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing for abundant energy and productivity
  • Develop your mindset and inner confidence to overcome obstacles that are getting in the way of your success
  • Connect with your passions to create more joy in your life
  • Identify what you want and need to be your best!

Evolve 1:1

A unique space for growth and alignment using a combination of coaching and thought partnership.



Evolve Leadership Experience

Helping Corporate and Business Leaders to Thrive in Complex Times



Wim Hof Fundamentals Workshops

Explore the three pillars of breathwork, mindset/commitment and cold therapy.


What do my clients tell me?


"Incredible instructor!"


Absolutely brilliant! Can't wait to work with you again!"


"Very impressive facilitation. Handled superbly...was masterful!"


"Very adaptive to the needs of the group. Very good facilitator. The workshop exceeded my expectations. It was excellent!"






"Michelle is an incredible instructor. Having been on multiple Wim Hof Method workshops and experiences I can truly say that Michelle is one of the best. Very knowledgeable, nurturing and encouraging, she took me outside my comfort zone with ease! My life has changed for the better having spent time learning from her."



“For a time-poor group of colleagues with diverse management styles, Michelle delivered a highly focused, straight talking, honest program that created new relationships, broke down barriers and allowed for personal growth. I’d highly recommend AE as partner of choice for both personal and leadership development.



"Michelle is an excellent "people" person. I can't imagine there is a human being on this earth who Michelle would not be able to win over.

You feel very relaxed in her company which makes it easier to open up."



"The role still has it's pressures however, I now spend less time at work (and less time working at home) partly helped by a renewed focus on my fitness - with nearly a stone lost in 6 months! My overall attitude at work is very much more positive. Without the coaching sessions I don't think I would be in this much improved position or would have achieved this outcome quite so readily.

- Following his coaching, SJ secured a promotion.


"Michelle coached me through every aspect of the day with calmness, confidence and knowledge. I felt like I was in safe hands continually throughout my experience and I cannot recommend Michelle highly enough.  She really knows her stuff and she makes sure everyone has an experience that they can take with them through life.  I'll definitely be back for another workshop soon."


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