Evolve Mastermind

The Growth Activator for Senior Leaders to Create a Life and Career They Love 


Are you a corporate or business leader who feels meant for more?


You're a high achieving corporate or business leader. 

You've worked hard your whole career.

You’ve had many periods of exhilaration, career growth, learning and friendship. Teamwork, career highs, great performance reviews and bonuses.

You’ve also had prolonged periods of high stress, with initiative after initiative, change after change. Periods when you felt like giving it all up and wondering what it was all for. 

You stuck it out or made the odd change. Things improved, for a while...

Right now, nothing is broken necessarily, but you don't have a fire in your belly like you used to.

Your motivation has waned. Things have started stressing you out more and more.

Maybe, you're...

  • losing sleep
  • increasingly overwhelmed
  • finding your mind is elsewhere when you're with your loved ones
  • being short tempered or losing your patience easily
  • starting to disengage at work or in your business
  • finding it hard to switch off
  • beating yourself up because you know you could do better
  • struggling to make decisions that before seemed easy
  • getting more involved in the day to day running of your team, rather than operating strategically
  • letting self-care slide and not prioritising yourself


This can lead to your confidence starting to dwindle.

You know you're not operating to your potential.

And that pesky inner critic, well they're starting to operate on loudspeaker!


It's like an itch you can't scratch. A niggle that keeps you awake at night, or interrupts your daily thoughts.

You long for a life and career you feel energised about. Goals you feel motivated to achieve.

That scratch, that niggle - it's bigger than you think. It's your calling.

It's telling you that you are meant for more.


It's time to Evolve.


Bigger, bolder things are ahead of you.


It's time to answer that calling.

Time to masterfully and mindfully step into your next level of leadership.



✔ Having a clear vision for the future
✔ Feeling energised - with a renewed spring in your step
✔ Having improved relationships, both at work and at home
✔ Having time just for you
✔ Silencing that inner critic, allowing you to listen to your inner wisdom
✔ Delivering faster and more efficiently
✔ People noticing the change in you
✔ Getting back to your talented, high-performing self
✔ Achieving things you didn't think were possible, without burning out!

Introducing The Evolve Leadership Mastermind

A 6-month personal and professional development experience to enable you to confidently step into your next level of leadership.

This mastermind will empower you to be a leader in your own life - leading from a place of confidence with a clear mindset and strategy to deliver powerful results.


Inside the mastermind, you’ll encounter incredible shifts. Go from:


- Juggling conflicting priorities so that you can't work at your best; to clarity on what you need to be in leadership, life and career.

- Feeling exhausted and stressed; to feeling resilient and confident to not just navigate change, but thrive off it.

- Struggling to balance leadership and management responsibilities; to confidently operating strategically and tactically.

- Shying away from difficult conversations; to communicating with maximum impact.

- Feeling disengaged at work and at home, struggling to find the right balance; to creating a life and career you love!

What could a life and career you love look like for you?


Don't wait...join me to find out!



The Evolve Leadership Mastermind is for you if…

You currently feel:

✔︎Stressed ✔︎Burnt out ✔︎Disengaged ✔︎Overwhelmed ✔︎Lost ✔︎Stuck ✔︎Behind the times ✔︎Corporate weary ✔︎Demotivated ✔︎Misaligned ✔︎ Off track 


And want to feel:

✔︎Confident ✔︎Energised ✔︎Motivated ✔︎On Purpose ✔︎Aligned ✔︎Engaged ✔︎Joyful ✔︎Resilient ✔︎Healthy ✔︎High Performing ✔︎ Connected 


The Mastermind is great whether you are new to role, or want to explore what your next move might be. 


Join me to have:

CLARITY - on what you want
COURAGE - to go out there and get it
COMMITMENT - to a strategy and action plan that will get you the change that you're seeking!


What's Inside Evolve? 

The programme offers a comprehensive approach to leadership development. With 1:1 coaching, group education, masterminding, accountability and digital support, Evolve has all the key aspects needed to build confidence, capability and credibility.


Here's what to expect:

Group modules covering all the key areas of development:

1. Mindset Mastery | Embed a success mindset so you feel empowered to move up or on from a place of confidence
2. Foolproof Foundations | Get the foundations of life and leadership in place to anchor you
3. Resilience and Sustainable Systems | Build your resilience and habits to deal with change and complexity in a sustainable way
4. Inner and Outer Trust | Learn how to build trust in yourself and others to make changes and see results
5. Courageous Communications | Learn how to courageously communicate to get what you want and need in life and career
6. Super Strategy | Learn strategy tips and devise your strategy for change and get excited about life and career again!

  • Two x 60 minute 1:1 coaching sessions to get dedicated support

  • Regular group education, masterminding and accountability sessions, where you’ll build networks, collaborate, learn and progress together

  • Access to our digital Resources Hub for 24/7 access to guides, tools, templates and learning resources

Kind Words

My mastermind clients love:

- The personal stories that bring learning to life

- The mix of learning and masterminding

- The opportunity to think and reflect away from the day to day

- My energy and expertise!


My mastermind clients feel:

- Joyful; Refreshed; Energised and Confident


My mastermind clients say:

- 'Before meeting Michelle I felt a bit lost. I knew I wanted to change careers and was already in the process of retraining, but couldn’t see how I was going to turn that idea into a reality. And somehow since then an opportunity arose that I felt I could nurture and then take. I am happier now than I have been in years!' 

- ‘If you’re considering joining Evolve, go for it!’

- 'Michelle enabled a drastic growth in my confidence through her collaborative approach, listening to my concerns and helping me find my own solutions.' 

Investment for this virtual programme is £12,000 + VAT or
£2,200 + VAT per month if paying in instalments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ready to step into your next level of leadership?