Case Study: Building Healthier, Happier, High Performing Teams

Case Study: Building Healthier, Happier, High Performing Teams

Provided by Carole Berndt

For many years I had the privilege of leading the client service and implementation teams for a global financial services company. 

Faced with a decline in client satisfaction scores, delays in implementation and increasing operational error rates, the standard thinking would be to review process, invest in systems and set improvement targets.

All valid tactics, but without investment in the people, particularly those leading the teams, the tactical projects would fail to realise the full benefit.

So, while we did tweak the systems, our primary investment was in the people.

This was not the traditional training, or “off the shelf” leadership development or leadership skills programs, instead we developed a bespoke program that focused on the individual. The program provided them opportunities to improve their physical wellbeing, their mental well being and to give them tools to build a happier and healthier self. We empowered them to speak up, to be passionate and to be advocates for themselves, their teams and our clients.

It worked.

Over a year, we deployed this program to 17 countries, covering over 500 individuals, and the results were stunning.

Client satisfaction rose, implementation times and operational errors reduced, and revenue realisation grew, while costs reduced. Most rewarding was the talent we discovered in our own teams. By empowering them, supporting them holistically, for many we had unleashed skills, ambition, energy, that material changed their career trajectory.

Today, platforms, products, processes are increasingly commoditised by technology, your people are the only true, sustainable, differentiator. Invest in them.


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