What Can a Coach Do For Me?

By working with a qualified coach can transform your thinking and achieve things you thought were impossible.

A qualified coach will:

  • Create an environment of trust and confidentiality, so you feel comfortable to open up, think and talk freely
  • Clarify where you are now and what changes you wish to make
  • Identify where you want to get to and why – so you know what the end goal is
  • Ask questions to increase your self-awareness, enabling you to gain new insights
  • Help identify roadblocks and ways to overcome them
  • Help reframe or challenge your thinking, so you see where you may have been hindered in the past and how to adapt or change course
  • Identify patterns of behaviour that may help or hinder you in making progress
  • Enable you to identify different, more helpful, ways of thinking, feeling, acting and behaving
  • Help you identify options and choices
  • Help you create an action plan that will create meaningful change
  • Support you and hold you accountable for the actions set
  • Help you...
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Ten Questions to Ask a Corporate Coach

At Awakened Executives, we believe a coach who is charging for their services should be appropriately qualified and committed to their own development. The coaching profession is currently unregulated. So technically, anyone could sell their service as a coach, even with little or no qualifications or experience.

A good coach will follow a code of ethics, via a professional body, such as their training provider, or the International Coaching Federation (ICF) or European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC).

One method of ensuring a coach is committed to their own development is through continuing professional development (CPD) and coaching supervision.

Coaching Supervision is a collaborative learning practice to continually build the capacity of the coach. This benefits the coach and their clients.

Mentor coaching is observed coaching with feedback against a set of competencies, that sharpen the coach's skills and all-round presence.

Ten Questions to Ask a Coach:

To feel you...

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Case Study: Building Healthier, Happier, High Performing Teams

Case Study: Building Healthier, Happier, High Performing Teams

Provided by Carole Berndt

For many years I had the privilege of leading the client service and implementation teams for a global financial services company. 

Faced with a decline in client satisfaction scores, delays in implementation and increasing operational error rates, the standard thinking would be to review process, invest in systems and set improvement targets.

All valid tactics, but without investment in the people, particularly those leading the teams, the tactical projects would fail to realise the full benefit.

So, while we did tweak the systems, our primary investment was in the people.

This was not the traditional training, or “off the shelf” leadership development or leadership skills programs, instead we developed a bespoke program that focused on the individual. The program provided them opportunities to improve their physical wellbeing, their mental well being and to give them tools to...

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